The Hispanic National Bar Foundation's (HNBF) mission is to help Hispanics achieve their potential through access to higher education and increase diversity in the legal profession. We seek to create a culture in the Hispanic community where higher education is the expectation rather than the exception.


Since its establishment in 1985, The Hispanic National Bar Foundation (HNBF) has been led by dedicated Hispanic attorneys who overcame the odds to become successful attorneys and community role-models. Over the years, the HNBF has grown into a national organization providing programs, scholarships, fellowships. conferences, and other resources and tools to support and inspire educational achievement within our communities.

The Hispanic National Bar Foundation believes that knowledge and diversity benefits everyone. As the U.S. Hispanic population increases in size and influence, the success of our students becomes a matter of national significance. The HNBF recognizes that the lack of opportunities, role models, information, and financial support often prevents many Hispanics from becoming leaders and contributing their voices on issues that affect our communities. Our programs address those needs by providing Hispanic students from high school through law school, with the tools and resources necessary to ensure full and equal opportunity, just as the founding members had envisioned.