Who We Are

Education. Pipeline. Diversity.

Our Mission

The Hispanic National Bar Foundation’s (HNBF) mission is to help Hispanics achieve their potential through access to higher education and increase diversity in the legal profession. We seek to create a culture in the Hispanic community where higher education is the expectation rather than the exception.

Empowering Hispanic youth and creating a pipeline of future Hispanic leaders is critically important to our democracy and I’m proud to lead a foundation committed to those goals.”

Jorge Mestre

Founding Partner, Rivero Mestre LLP

Our History


ince its establishment in 1985, The Hispanic National Bar Foundation (HNBF) has been led by Hispanic lawyers who overcame the odds and became successful attorneys and community role-models. Over the years, the HNBF has grown into a national organization providing programs, scholarships, fellowships, and other resources to inspire educational achievement within our communities.

The Hispanic National Bar Foundation believes that knowledge and diversity benefit everyone. As the U.S. Hispanic population increases in size and influence, the success of our students becomes a matter of national significance. The HNBF recognizes that a lack of opportunities, role models, information, and financial support are often barriers for Hispanic youth. Our goal is to provide programs that remove these barriers along with the tools and resources necessary to ensure full and equal opportunity, just as the founding members envisioned.

The HNBF is part of the solution

According to the Pew Research Center1, the Hispanic high school dropout rate has plummeted from 34 to 10 percent in the past two decades, while the rate of college enrollment has risen from 35 to 47 percent. While the statistics still lag behind other ethnicities, the positive trend is the result of the work of organizations like the HNBF, in collaboration with outstanding partners in the corporate and legal fields. We are committed to build on this momentum and remain a part of the solution for decades to come.

24% decline in Hispanic high school dropout rate (1996-2016)
12% increase in Hispanic college enrollment (1996-2016)
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Board & Staff

The Hispanic National Bar Foundation is comprised of a national Board of Directors. It is unique because it has a working Board of Directors made up of primarily lawyers from different fields, with different areas of expertise, based all around the country.

Hispanic National Bar Foundation

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