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November 1, 2023

The Hispanic National Bar Foundation Welcomes Four New Officers

The Hispanic National Bar Foundation (HNBF) is proud to announce the appointment of four new officers to lead the Board of Directors in advancing the organization’s mission to help Hispanics achieve their potential through access to higher education and to increase diversity in the legal profession.

President: Justin Carlson has assumed the role of President and will provide overall leadership to the organization. As a past recipient of a fellowship from the HNBF as a law student, Justin is committed to empowering students and promoting their access to higher education and placement within the legal profession.

Vice President: Luis Llamas will serve as Vice President, collaborating closely with the President to shape and execute the organization’s strategic initiatives.

Secretary: Valerie Marsh takes over as Secretary to oversee the organization’s administrative functions and ensure efficient operations and effective communication. Before joining the HNBF, she volunteered as a panelist for several years, speaking to students in the HNBF Future Latino Leaders Summer Law Institute about their career paths.

Treasurer: John Arrastia, Jr. will be Treasurer, responsible for managing the organization’s finances to support its programs and initiatives.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new officers to the HNBF,” said immediate past president, Jorge A. Mestre. “Their diverse skills and experiences will strengthen our ability to serve the Hispanic community and create more pathways to higher education. Together, we will continue to make a lasting impact.”

The HNBF offers valuable educational programs for Hispanic youth, empowering them to pursue college, law school, and join one of our nation’s most respected professions. The newly appointed officers will play a crucial role in expanding the organization’s reach and impact.

To learn more about the HNBF and its mission to increase access to higher education for Hispanic students, please visit

About The HNBF
The HNBF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to ensuring Hispanics meet their potential through access to higher education while creating a strong pipeline of candidates that increases diversity in the legal profession. Its flagship program, the Future Latino Leaders Summer Law Institute, has brought exemplary high school students with demonstrated commitment to the Hispanic community from all over the United States to Washington, DC for a free one-week experiential learning program annually since 2005.

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