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The Hispanic National Bar Foundation’s Future Latino Leaders Law Camp Program announces the opening of the?2016 application process.?Please encourage high school students interested in law and legal careers to apply. The Law Camp will be held from July 16 to July 24, 2016 in Washington, D.C. This program is offered free of charge for selected Latino high school?students (rising sophomores through seniors) from across the nation through the?generous support of our donors and corporate sponsors. Law Camp students will have the opportunity to enjoy the culture and history of our nation’s capital while being immersed in a legal profession preparation curriculum with prominent Latino leaders as mentors. ?Complet applications must be received by April 1, 2016.

The HNBF’s mission is to empower Latinos to achieve their potential through access to higher education and increase diversity in the legal profession.?Held each summer over nine?days in Washington, D.C., the program gives high school students from across the country an opportunity to live on a college campus while exploring the nation’s capital and meeting influential Latino attorneys and judges. Students receive behind the scenes tours of the U.S. Capitol, State Department, Department of Justice, and Supreme Court. The classroom and mock trial competition experience offers students an opportunity to develop valuable skills, such as team work and collaboration, oral presentation, critical thinking, productive argument and persuasion, and the ability to face challenging obstacles with enthusiasm, professionalism and confidence.

In addition to exposing the students to legal culture, the Future Latino Leaders Law Camp also serves as a place where young Latino students can see positive Latino role models.

“The best part of the Law Camp was the people. The students, the presenters, and the staff made the camp one of the most amazing weeks of my life. Hearing the success stories of people who came from similar backgrounds as me has inspired me, and showed me that the legal field is an amazing place for Hispanics.” ?-Luis Alvarez, Law Camp Participant

Goals of the HNBF Future Latino Leaders Law Camp and Mock Trial Program Include:

  • Promote and further an understanding of and appreciation for the American judicial system and court procedures;
  • Build and improve basic life skills such as networking, critical thinking, public speaking, reading comprehension, reasoning, team collaboration, persuasive argument and advocacy;
  • Provide mentoring opportunities between legal professionals and students that encourage students to excel;
  • Provide a meaningful experiential opportunity for students that heightens awareness of careers within the judicial system;
  • Provide an educational event that supports communication, cooperation and respect for students with diverse abilities, backgrounds and interests;
  • Inspire students to set their career aspirations high and to pursue academic achievement.

HNBF know that if students perceive little or limited support and sense barriers to desired career paths, they may be unlikely to pursue those career pathways despite their interests and abilities. Throughout the Law Camp experience, students are exposed to various career pathways taken with a law degree by successful Latino leaders. They also gain a greater appreciation for the importance of higher education and learn about the support available to them.

The Future Latino Leaders Law Camp application and more information about the Law Camp and student eligibility can be found at? Students may access the application?online?(preferred method). ?The?paper version?of the application is also available online.?The complete application must be received by April 1, 2016.

To read more about the Law Camp experience, check out the latest edition of the?HNBF Review. ?If you have any questions direct them to HNBF’s Executive Director, at


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